Meet my most reached-for resources, capable of simultaneously satisfying and catapulting my curiosity.

A common black and orange butterfly (not a monarch, though). An Arabian-centric view of our world. A zooming wagon after Bill Watterson's style. Spoon, fork, and knife in Trader Joe's signature Victorian-vintage style, with a modern twist. A watercolor take on the classic Freakonomics logo of green apple with orange-the-fruit interior. p5's pink asterisk logo, chalk-ified. A geometric-inspired hummingbird illustration. TED-Ed's brain-filled-with-cool-stuff logo. A freehand version of Radiolab's logo. A. Square, yellow and happy. Reggie the giant pigeon, in accordance with my imagination. A green Pentel Rolling Writer's cap, encapsulated in a variable-width heart outline. the-sau-rus, stacked. The number 642 doodled with hashmarks. A freehand version of Coursera's infinity loop logo. A freehand version of Sketchbook Skool's multi-colored paint drip motif. A navy blue ink pot illustration. Drawing of all ten Yoobi's looking their most radially radiant. A watercolored house wren chirping. A remake of a Rembrandt self-portrait, in teal. A freehand version of the Kirby logo. A freehand version of the logo on the books: a diamond with each edge a different color. A simplified remake of the cover art, which features a sea anemone. Stacked sparklines, of Tufte fame.